15 Fans Who Weren’t Ready For Their Jumbotron Moment

Sports! Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. I don’t even like teal.

2. Always kiss the girl.

Watch him save the phone… nice.

3. Bros will be bros

4. Gingers have no time for this rash commercialism

6. You can Frank, if you want to, and you can leave your gang behind.

Safety Frank!

7. And…. night ruined.

8. I am the sword in the darkness!

9. Forgot your ritalin, eh Timmy?

10. Hadouken to the face!

11. I got your Jeter, right here.

12. Heh heh heh… Cubs fans

Who’s more at fault - 1. Nonchalant tosser 2.Not paying attention beer guy, or 3.Sitting in the aisle indignant lady?

13. Ukraine is not weak!

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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