20 Animal Babies That Are Cuter Than People Babies

Look at these little babies. So cute, like people babies, ‘cept cuter. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. He’s got a lil baby shell and everythang.

ID: 1120137

2. So cold. So cute.

ID: 1120140

3. The cutest baby raviolis ever!

ID: 1120145

4. They’re like 90% legs, and 100% cute.

ID: 1120158

5. This lil guy trades cuteness for honey on the black bear market.

ID: 1120233

6. Hugs.

ID: 1120245

7. Is that a baby squirrel in your pocket or are you just happy to… OMG it is!

ID: 1120274

8. I want to mount this baby blue marlin on my baby office wall.

ID: 1120284

9. Baby Rhino is going to grow up to be a Rhymnoceros.

ID: 1120308

10. With his buddy, lil baby Hiphopapotumus.

ID: 1120322

12. Baby Praying Mantis wants to grow up to cohost Space Ghost.

ID: 1120353

13. What, are you kidding me Baby Hedgehog!?!!

ID: 1120362

14. Baby Platypus is the anomaly of the cute-ass baby world.

ID: 1120371

15. Yes, please throw me to the Baby Wolves!

ID: 1120388

16. Baby Owl, what? Baby Owl, Who?

ID: 1120401

17. Baby Giraffe wants his baba.

ID: 1120407

18. Peek-a-boo, Baby Cobra.

ID: 1120412

19. Oh Hai, Baby Dolphin.

ID: 1120426

20. Go to sleep, Baby Bat, and dream of being a Batman.

ID: 1120451

#RetrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile

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