25 Reasons America Kicks Ass

Happy Birthday U.S.A.!… much love, virgin mobile live

1. We’ve Only Had Two Kings

and they were awesome

2. We Have The Best T-Shirts

it’s like how I feel… in t-shirt form

3. We’re Understated

so we stand out

4. But We Know How To Go Big

even when we shouldn’t

5. Really Big

especially when we should

6. We Start Everything

we birthed the blues, baby

7. And Finish Strong

we won the cold war (and beat Drago)

8. We Have The Best Rappers

have you heard rap from other countries? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJIYwXoCDls

9. And The Coolest Boss


10. We Deep Fry Whatever You Got

our tagline should be, “F@#ck Your Arteries”

11. We Play Our Own Game

Sundays in the U. S. of A.

12. And We’re Pretty Good At Theirs

World Cup 2014, Called it

13. We Still Believe In Heroes

keep up the good work guys

14. And Still Make Them

our armed services are a classy bunch that kicks ass all over the world

15. And After All This Time, We Still Rock

it’s Van Halen, not Van Hagar

16. Still Know How To Party

from Bourbon Street to Main Street, the U.S.A. knows how to cut loose

17. Still Got Muscle

Detroit still makes a mean machine

18. Still Looking Good

salute the flag, boys

19. Still Have The Best Ideas


20. Like, Really Really Good Ideas

not bad too


San Dimas high school football rules

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