20 Soul-Crushing Summer Jobs From Pop Culture

Tough day at the cracker factory? Hey, it could be worse. You could be holding down one of these ghastly gigs.

1. Falafel Barn Cashier

You could be wearing a falafel hat and supersizing older men’s balls.
She’s All That

2. Banana Stand Mascot

You could be working with a cousin you’re in love with while wearing a banana suit.
Arrested Development

3. Convenience Store Clerk

You could be selling Chewlies gum and cigarettes to little kids.

4. Games Area Guy

You could be working the games section at Adventureland.

5. Lanyard Sales Rep in Preston, Idaho

You could sell beads to the same people over and over again.
Napoleon Dynamite

6. Over-Adventurous Babysitter

You might be babysitting, but you’re not adventurous babysitting..are you?
Adventures In Babysitting

7. Mr. Miyagi’s Bitch

You could be doing whatever Mr. Miyagi tells you…not always fun, but you’d learn great lessons.
Karate Kid

8. Pizza Delivery Guy / Gigolo

Delivering the sausage to wealthy divorcees (with EXTRA anchovies).

9. Swenson’s Ice Cream Girl

You could be working at a food joint inside a mall.
Fast Times At Ridgemont High

10. Keeping Baby Out of the Corner

You could be teaching older people how to dance for very low pay.
Dirty Dancing

11. Bodyguard For The New Kid

You could be saving nerds from nuggies.
My Bodyguard

12. Bag & Check at Piggly Wiggly

If this is your job, I hope the “Tad Hamilton” of your life stops by soon.
Win A Date With Tad Hamilton

13. Working At The Record Store On Rex Manning Day

Record store? What’s a record store?
Empire Records

14. Assistant Groundskeeper at Bushwood

You could be cleaning pools and killing gophers.

15. Lawn Mower

You could mow lawns to pay for a telescope.
Can’t Buy Me Love

16. Getting Oggled by 10-Year-Olds at Valley Vista Community Pool

You could perform mouth to mouth on Squints Palledorous.
The Sandlot

17. Waitress at Chotchkie’s

You could be trying to get by with the minimum required amount of flair.
Office Space

18. Retail Store Comestics Section

You could be making the general public look like death.
The Good Girl

19. Rancher at Bar None

Hey Dude, you could be running a ranch in Arizona.
Hey Dude

20. Counselor at Camp Crystal Lake

You could pay the ultimate price for doing it all sneaky in a cabin.
Friday The 13th

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