20 Friend Requests We’re Just Not Accepting

Sorry, we’re not accepting friends right now. But we’ll keep your information in our system if you match any of our future needs. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. The guy that doesn’t “get” The Onion

ID: 836791

2. The guy that keeps asking if he can get those digits

ID: 836805

3. The lady that really, really likes her gun

ID: 836799

4. The guy that’s a native english speaker

ID: 836908

5. The girl that sends way too many game invites

ID: 837053

6. The couple that needs to get a chatroom

ID: 837065

7. The girl that loves drama … but doesn’t

ID: 837103

8. The girl that asks everyone everything

ID: 837168

9. The girl that doesn’t have your best interest in mind

ID: 837174

10. The guy that gets more attention than you

ID: 837211

11. The girl that comments on everything

ID: 837198

12. The lady that doesn’t know how to send a private message

ID: 839804

13. The grandma that’s your grandma

ID: 837249

14. The guy that doesn’t get anything. Ever.

ID: 839740

15. The girl that over-shares

ID: 839743

16. The mom that’s a little racist

ID: 839771

17. The guy that’s fishing for likes

ID: 839814

18. The girl that’s always getting inspired

ID: 839825

19. The guy that needs a comma

ID: 839845

20. The guy that takes everything literally

ID: 839851


-Virgin Mobile

ID: 839853

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