15 Celebrities Using Public Transportation

See. They’re just like us. Just with more money, good looks, and fame. Keep an eye out - Virgin Mobile

1. NPH express train high five

ID: 722426

2. Shut up, Bono

ID: 722632

3. Anderson Cooper makes the MTA look sexy

ID: 722472

4. Jay-Z and who we can only guess is Beyonce

ID: 722772

5. The Queen riding the peasant wagon

ID: 722511

6. Mum says I’m to be a prince of the people. Hello, people!

ID: 722564

7. Not the first time Pee Wee was caught in public

ID: 727256

8. Rihanna and, is that the guy from Mean Girls?

ID: 727262

9. Jake Gyllenhaal reads a bedtime story to a fellow commuter

ID: 722592

10. That guy’s shirt/face says it all about Jessica Alba

ID: 722732

11. Anne Hathaway and friend taking up the whole pole

ID: 727310

12. Hugh Jackman taking the train from Oz

ID: 727291

13. Keanu was sadly rejected after answering a classified looking for “the one”

ID: 722604

14. Tyra Banks, Clay Aiken, and a sweet horseshoe mustache

ID: 727272

15. Kim Kardashian pointing at what she believes is an anatomy chart of the male genitalia

ID: 722746

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Virgin Mobile

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