12 Sad (But True) Social Network Stereotypes

Have a look at who you’re going to run into when you turn on, log in, and tune out.

1. Myspace

You’re a Norwegian death metal band.

2. Yelp

You know everything about everything and want everyone to know it.

3. Foursquare

You’re a potential stalker.

4. Instagram

You took an art class, once.

5. Flickr

You have a cat, a camera, and time.

6. Friendster

You’re either Southeast Asian, or a creepy older guy that’s really into Southeast Asians.

7. Twitter

You’re either a social media “expert” or a failed writer.

8. Grindr

You like to party, and you’re right around the corner.

9. LinkedIn

You’re a republican.

10. Google +

You work for Google.

11. Tumblr

First rule of being on Tumblr is don’t talk about Tumblr.

12. Facebook

You’re a maverick (and down 20%).

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