10 Ridiculously Incriminating Tweets

Now that a judge has ruled that tweets can be subpoenaed without a warrant, these guys might want to reconsider their open door policy on the internet.

1. The (Sub)Urban Gangsta’

Your step mom and the local police agree – you’re in big trouble, mister.

2. The Take It On The Run Scofflaw

Someone’s going to have retweet regret.

3. The Choose Your Own Ending Delinquent

If you get a tweet from @ThePoliceDeparment, you should probably ignore it.

4. The Confident Criminal

It may not matter to you, but it does matter to, you know, the law.

5. The Tough Guy Thug

There’s no such thing as “slight” domestic abuse.

6. The Tweeting Thief

Think you can get a good signal in the slammer?

7. The Vigilante Villain

Hopefully your crazy person note didn’t contain any further spelling mishaps.

8. The Conscious Criminal

As much as we hate shopping there, Walmart does have the lowest prices.

9. The Ditsy Dealer

An advertisement and a confession all in one tweet. Well done.

10. The Sneaky Felon

On the up side, your new cellmate has Facebook!

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