10 Movie Plots That Would’ve Completely Changed If They Had Cell Phones

Pre-cell era Hollywood classics that just don’t make sense in a post-cellular world.

1. Die Hard

“Hello LAPD, yeah, I’m in Nakatomi tower surrounded by terrorists, bring shoes and cigarettes.”

2. Home Alone

“Hi Mom, yeah, you forgot me again.”

3. Reservoir Dogs

TXT – Going to need to change the meet up, Joe.

4. Con Air

“This is Cameron Poe, on Con Air. We’ve totally been hijacked, and there are no mai-tais and or yahtzee, please send assistance.”

5. West Side Story

“Srry I pwned ur bro, but my dance moves are dngerous. 4give me?”

6. Say Anything…

“Yeah, I’m right out front. I was holding up my cell, but then I realized you probably couldn’t hear it from there. Soooo, what are you wearing?”

7. E.T.

E.T. phones home. E.T. incurs massive roaming charges.

8. Goonies

Google maps. Movie over.

9. Superman

I’d like to help but I can’t find anywhere to get changed.

10. Pretty much every Nora Ephron movie ever made.

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