10 Celebs That Just Don’t Get The Internet

Internets. How do they work? Much Love, Virgin Mobile

1. Samuel L. struggles with autocorrect

ID: 807732

2. Sammy could never hit the change up

ID: 807740

3. Ashanti is on the cutting edge

ID: 808142

4. Scumbag Woody Harrelson doesn’t Reddit

ID: 807872

5. Tyrese Gibson totally gets it.

ID: 808173

6. Susan Boyle’s ill-advised use of hashtags to promote “stuff”

ID: 807744

7. Lena Dunham letting it all hang out on Instagram (as if we don’t see enough of her on Girls)

ID: 816424

8. Wow, Bow Wow. Wow.

ID: 807767

9. Lindsay’s not sure where she is, again.

ID: 808203

10. Jonah Hill’s 216,000 fans enjoy radio silence

He hasn’t updated in over a year.

ID: 816533

The lesson as always, is be more like George Takei

The internet, this guy gets it.

ID: 816565


-Virgin Mobile

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