• 1. Catatumbo Lightning

    Catatumbo Lightning

    Occurs in Venezuela and is non-stop lightning in the sky for 160 nights per year. Source

  • 2. The Green Flash

    The Green Flash

    Pacific Ocean Source

  • 3. Kerala Colored Rain

    Kerala Colored Rain

    Happening in Kerala, India since 1896, airborne spores tend to turn the rain red, yellow, green, and black. Source

  • 4. Sun Pillars

    Sun Pillars

    Can be seen virtually anywhere there is light and ice. Source

  • 5. Denmark Black Sun

    Denmark Black Sun

    This can be seen in the fall and spring seasons and is when thousands of black starlings take flight, blocking out the sun. Source

  • 6. A Full Rainbow

    A Full Rainbow

    Full rainbows are actually circular and can only be seen from a super high place (think planes).Source

  • 7. Mammatus Clouds

    Mammatus Clouds

    San Antonio, Texas Source

  • 8. Red Tide

    Red Tide

    Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean Source

  • 9. Rio Blanco

    Rio Blanco

    Argentina Source

  • 10. Great Blue Hole

    Great Blue Hole

    A huge sinkhole off the coast of Belize. Source

  • 11. Supercell



  • 12. Fire Whirl

    Fire Whirl

    Works the same way as a tornado, but with fire. Source

  • 13. Ball Lightning

    Ball Lightning


  • 14. Idaho Fire Rainbow

    Idaho Fire Rainbow


  • 15. Foxfire


    Mt. Vernon, Wisconsin Source

  • 16. Sun Dog

    Sun Dog


  • 17. Maelstrom


    Ok, so this isn’t a real picture of a maelstrom… but they do exist! And honestly, if you were sailing near one of these things, would you stick around to take pictures? Source

  • 18. El Tatio

    El Tatio

    Northern Chile Source

  • 19. Leonid Fireball

    Leonid Fireball


  • 20. Spotted Lake

    Spotted Lake

    British Columbia Source

  • 21. Waterspout


    Florida Source

  • 22. Lenticular Clouds

    Lenticular Clouds


  • 23. Blood Pool Hot Springs

    Blood Pool Hot Springs

    Japan Source

  • 24. Moonbows


    Rainbows, but at night. Source

  • 25. Socotra Island

    Socotra Island

    Indian Ocean Source

  • 26. Rio Tinto

    Rio Tinto

    Sierra Morena, Spain Source

  • 27. The Dry Valleys

    The Dry Valleys

    A set of snow-free valleys, one frozen saltwater river and a glacier that appears to bleed iron-oxide plumes of water in this part of Antarctica. Source

  • 28. Door To Hell

    Door To Hell

    This hellish pit can be found in Turkmenistan, perpetually burning since 1971, after scientists decided to light the gas trapped in the pit on fire. Source

  • 29. Mount Roraima

    Mount Roraima

    Venezuela Source

  • 30. Opal Pool

    Opal Pool

    Yellowstone, Wyoming Source

  • 31. Waitomo Glowworm Cave

    Waitomo Glowworm Cave

    New Zealand Source