• 1. 24k Gold Rocking Horse

    24k Gold Rocking Horse

    $1,280,000 Source

  • 2. The Eloise Experience Vacation

    The Eloise Experience Vacation

    $1,125 per night for this Betsey Johnson designed suite at the Plaza. Source

  • 3. Kettler ‘53 Chevy Pedal Car

    Kettler '53 Chevy Pedal Car

    $1,000 Source

  • 4. Gund Snuffles Bear

    Gund Snuffles Bear

    $10,000 with black Tahitian pearl eyes, white alpaca fur and a 10k diamond necklace on a gold chain. Source

  • 5. 18k Gold Gameboy

    18k Gold Gameboy

    … with diamonds! $30,000 Source

  • 6. Child-sized Porche With Diesel Engine

    Child-sized Porche With Diesel Engine

    At $73,000, the maximum speed this toy can go is 5 mph. Source

  • 7. High Chair

    High Chair

    $1,350 for this varnished birch chair. Bonus: the chair is convertible and has the ability to “grow with the child.” Can seat a 15 year old comfortably. Source

  • 8. Hermes Coloring Book

    Hermes Coloring Book

    $130 and only 12 pages to color. Source

  • 9. Titanium Tricycle

    Titanium Tricycle

    $2,500 Source

  • 10. Swarovski Crystal Training Potty

    Swarovski Crystal Training Potty

    $1,136 Source

  • 11. Toddler Victorian Play Mansion

    Toddler Victorian Play Mansion

    $22,000 and includes a wraparound porch, stained-glass window, window boxes, skylight, doorbell, brass door knocker, sponge-painted walls, hardwood floors, a fireplace and an upstairs loft. Source

  • 12. BMW Snow Racer Sled

    BMW Snow Racer Sled

    $300 Source

  • 13. Schoenhut String Baby Grand Piano

    Schoenhut String Baby Grand Piano

    $3,000 Source

  • 14. Themed Bedrooms

    Themed Bedrooms

    The carriage alone costs $47,000. Source

  • 15. Designer Clothes

    The Burberry childrens’ wear campaign is the latest to jump on the designer kiddie clothes bandwagon. Others include DVF, Versace, Stella McCartney, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Gucci, D&G and Dior. Source

  • 16. Dollhouse


    For $500, this dollhouse comes with solar panel powered led lights, stone-cut fire places and working elevators. Source

  • 17. 22k Gold iPhone With Diamond Border And Home Button

    22k Gold iPhone With Diamond Border And Home Button

    Everywhere I look these days, kids are ignoring their parents at dinner and playing on iPads and iPhones. Why not start them early, and with the best? This $3,200,000 iPhone comes in a granite chest with cashmere lining and grain leather interior. Source