• Arte Luis Knusthotel

    Arte Luis Knusthotel

    Berlin, Germany. Source

  • BubbleTree


    France. Source

  • Eloise Suite Experience

    Eloise Suite Experience

    Plaza Hotel, Manhattan, New York. Source

  • Hotel Fox

    Hotel Fox

  • Copenhagen, Denmark. Source

    Copenhagen, Denmark. Source

  • Tree House Hotel

    Tree House Hotel

    North Kerala, India (The entire hotel is actually in/on a huge tree). Source

  • Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite

    Disney's Cinderella Castle Suite

    Disney world, Florida. Source

  • La Balde Des Gnomes

    La Balde Des Gnomes

    Belgium. Source

  • The Atomium

    The Atomium

    Brussels, Belgium. Source

  • Jumbo Stay

    Jumbo Stay

    Stockholm, Sweden. Source

  • Palacio De Sal

    Palacio De Sal

    Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia (this hotel is made entirely of salt and is situated near Bolivia’s largest salt flat). Source

  • Pantone Hotel

    Pantone Hotel

    Brussels, Belgium. Source

  • Svinoey Lighthouse

    Svinoey Lighthouse

    Norway. Source

  • Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

    Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

    Ibiza Island, Spain. Source

  • Chocolate Boutique Hotel

    Chocolate Boutique Hotel

    Bournemouth, UK (contrary to my expectation, this chocolate-inspired hotel is quite tastefully decorated). Source

  • Medieval Hotel Detenice

    Medieval Hotel Detenice

    Bohemia, Czech Republic. Source

  • Hotel Parchi Del Garda

    Hotel Parchi Del Garda

  • Lazise, Italy. Source

    Lazise, Italy. Source

  • Marmara Antalya

    Marmara Antalya

    Antalya Province, Turkey (what makes this hotel so cool is the fact that it’s foundations are slowly rotating in water, giving it’s guests 360 views of Antalya Province). Source

  • Abali Gran Sultanato

    Abali Gran Sultanato

    Palermo, Italy. Source

  • Railholiday


    Cornwall, UK is the location of this vintage train-turned hotel. Source

  • Shu’Mata Camp

    Shu'Mata Camp

    Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Source

  • Appleton Water Tower

    Appleton Water Tower

    Sandringham, UK. Source

  • Jules Undersea Lodge

    Jules Undersea Lodge

    Key Largo, Florida (if you do decide to stay at this underwater lodge, be prepared to don some scuba gear to get there). Source

  • Sala Silvermine Underground Suite

    Sala Silvermine Underground Suite

    Sweden. Source

  • Euromast TV Tower

    Euromast TV Tower

    Rotterdam, Netherlands. Source

  • ONE By The Five

    ONE By The Five

    Paris, France. Source

  • Icehotel


    Jukkasjarvi, Sweden (because this hotel is made of ice, it needs to be rebuilt every winter). Source

  • Magic Mountain Hotel

    Magic Mountain Hotel

    Panguipulli, Chile. Source

  • Langholmen Hotel

    Langholmen Hotel

    Stockholm, Sweden (until it was renovated, this hotel used to be a prison). Source

  • Capsule Inn

    Capsule Inn

    Tokyo, Japan. Source

  • Das Park Hotel

    Das Park Hotel

    Linz, Austria (those are concrete sewer pipes). Source

  • Wine Barrel Hotel

    Wine Barrel Hotel

    Stavoren, Holland (spend the night in one of four 15,000 litre barrels). Source

  • Shady Dell

    Shady Dell

    Bisbee, Arizona. Source

  • Null Stern Hotel

    Null Stern Hotel

    The name of this Swiss hotel (which used to be a nuclear bunker in the early 1900’s) translates to “No Stars”.Source