• Giant Halibut

    Giant Halibut

    Can you imagine swimming next to that thing? Source

  • Colossal Squid

    Colossal Squid


  • Stone Fish

    Stone Fish

    Please tell me what is worse than a fish that camouflages itself as a rock in shallow water, injects a poison lethal to human upon contact and can survive on dry land for over 24 hours. Source

  • Giant Stingray

    Giant Stingray

    So far, only found in freshwater but has the capacity to live in saltwater if it chooses. Source

  • Barry the Sea Worm

    Barry the Sea Worm


  • Oarfish



  • Mega Mouth Shark

    Mega Mouth Shark

    Ok, ok I know Mega Mouth is technically a shark, but look at it. It’s about ten times more terrifying than a great white. Source

  • Blue Ringed Octopus

    Blue Ringed Octopus

    The biggest one is the size of a golf ball, but if you touch it, there is no antidote for its lethal venom. Source

  • Sunfish



  • Giant Isopod

    Giant Isopod

    These things have been around since the dinosaurs and can survive for months without food, so you can pretty much expect them to be in our oceans forever. Source

  • Coconut Crab

    Coconut Crab

    So if creatures in the water have you terrified to go swimming, the coconut crab is a good reason to never set foot on a beach. Source

  • Jelly Fish

    Jelly Fish

    … seem relatively harmless until you come across this monstrosity while scuba diving. Source

  • North Pacific Giant Octopus

    North Pacific Giant Octopus


  • Barracuda



  • Huge Spider Crab

    Huge Spider Crab


  • Moray Eels

    Moray Eels

    They look small and harmless poking out of coral reefs, but I know from personal experience these eels can grow up to 9 feet long and can easily take a limb off of a diver. Source

  • Long Spine Sea Urchin

    Long Spine Sea Urchin