16 Instagram Moments That Prove That Insanely Beautiful Supermodel Joan Smalls Is Just Like Us

The Victoria’s Secret model is also ridiculously down to earth. Life is not fair.

1. She gets ready in the morning like everyone else.

But looks f***ing gorgeous, even with a facial mask on.

ID: 3404014

2. She enjoys working from home.


ID: 3403964

3. Sometimes she likes to be driven around town.

ID: 3403968

4. Other times, she bikes NYC streets on a Citi bike.

ID: 3404084

5. She’s an avid lover of youth activities.

#igot28kills #round1

ID: 3403973

6. And being young at heart is always her M.O.

ID: 3404109

7. She exercises, so we know she’s not a fembot because of her amazing body.

ID: 3403979

8. She’s over 15 and still enjoys Hello Kitty fashion.

ID: 3404128

9. But can’t resist playing with her Rottweiler Karma.

ID: 3403999

10. She has a great mentor.

ID: 3404073

11. Who taught her how to get “Naomi” angry.

ID: 3404061

12. She finds solace through spending time with her mom,

ID: 3404092

13. intensely gardening around the house,

ID: 3404118

14. horse back riding in Puerto Rico,

ID: 3404077

15. and checking out Canadian hockey games.

You know, the typical stuff.

ID: 3404152

16. Also, she loves to drown in Chanel, and what girl doesn’t love that?

ID: 3404138

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