15 Sloth GIFs You Need To See Today

These cute critters demand your attention immediately.

1. This sleepy sloth yawning

Now with added sloth tongue.

ID: 3034949

2. This sloth who has made an unlikely alliance

ID: 3034963

3. This sloth who has made an even more unlikely alliance

ID: 3034979

4. This very hungry baby sloth

ID: 3035016

5. This clumsy sloth

Animal Planet / Via giphy.com
ID: 3035083

6. This sloth who is a master of hide and seek

ID: 3035170

7. These sloths who know it’s important to eat their greens

ID: 3035196

8. This sloth who is so cute even she can’t handle it

ID: 3035210

9. This sloth who is simply fascinated by your story

ID: 3035228

10. This sloth who is having the sweetest dream

ID: 3035235

11. This sloth who has picked out a thoughtful gift just for you

It even matches her outfit!

ID: 3035250

12. This itchy sloth

ID: 3035259

13. This sloth who fails, but in the most adorable way

ID: 3035322

14. This sloth who is coming at you

ID: 3035328

15. And finally, this sloth enjoying a nice hot bath

Animal Planet / Via wifflegif.com
ID: 3035378

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