28 GIFs To Make You Happy When You’re Feeling Down

Turn that frown upside down!

1. Watch this with music, it’s a thousand times better.

ID: 3079145

2. Air hugs all round!

ID: 3079136

3. This mean tweet…

ABC / Via wifflegif.com

…and their reaction.

ID: 3079152

4. Samuel L. Catson

ID: 3079159

5. Always this dance.

Warner Bros. / Via giphy.com
ID: 3079163

6. Look how many f*cks I give.

ID: 3079173

7. Crawling competition.

ID: 3079200

8. The many faces of Dr. Ellie of Jurassic Park.

Universal Pictures / Via 9gag.com
ID: 3079226

9. Whoever came up with this caption.

SO perfect.

ID: 3079230

10. This beautiful reunion.

ID: 3079235

11. Monkeys who love each other this much.

ID: 3079249

12. Haters Gonna Hate Baby.

ID: 3079258

13. An owl having a head massage.

ID: 3079308

14. This inspired way of descending stairs.

ID: 3079311

15. Tom Hiddleston dancing.

ID: 3079316

16. This ice hockey player making this kid’s YEAR.

ID: 3079319

17. The happiest dance ever.

ID: 3079324

18. GIF loop perfection.

ID: 3079328

19. A terrifying electric mouse.

ID: 3079334

20. Heartbreaking animal story.

ID: 3079338

21. The Fresh Prince dancing.

NBC / Via giphy.com
ID: 3079342

22. Justin Bieber walking into a glass door.

ID: 3079343

23. Babies of happiness.

ID: 3079356

24. Smugness obliterated.

ID: 3079403

25. Baby don’t give a damn.

ID: 3079419

26. We shouldn’t laugh…but we do.

ID: 3079426

27. Falling over is always funny, whether you’re a model or a penguin.

ID: 3079437

28. This Friends episode.

I know it’s not a GIF but it had to be included.

ID: 3079441

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