19 Annoying Things That Can Happen At The Gym

I wish my gym was at home.

1. Guys who take their shirts off.

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2. Girls who wear crop tops.

Victoria’s Secret / Via allthingsvs.tumblr.com

You’re hot, we get it!

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3. People who have no idea what they’re doing.

ID: 3593241


ID: 3593253

5. The people who don’t even try.

ID: 3593255

6. The stairs. Don’t make me work out before I get in the gym.

Whoever decided to put the gym upstairs has never done leg day.

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7. When the air conditioner isn’t turned up enough.

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9. People who don’t dress for the occasion.

Parlophone / Warner Bros. / Via gif-weenus.com

Note: Kylie’s shoes.

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10. When someone gets on the machine next to you right when you need to fart.

ID: 3593291

11. Show offs.

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12. When the paper to mop your sweat with hasn’t been replenished.

Disney / Via wifflegif.com
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13. The screamers.

MTV / Via giphy.com
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14. When someone is hogging equipment.

Nickelodeon Movies / Via wifflegif.com
ID: 3593306

15. Unnecessary look-at-me gymnastics.

NBC / Via giphy.com

This is the gym, not the Olympics.

ID: 3593314

16. When you realise you forgot your headphones.

Fox / Via wifflegif.com
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17. People leaving weights on the rack.

Touchstone Pictures / Via tentaclesandteacups.tumblr.com
ID: 3593337

18. When the gym is empty but someone still gets on the machine right next to you.

ID: 3593350

19. And when you walk outside and get a whiff of something delicious.

ID: 3593248

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