17 Signs It’s The Start Of British Summertime

We’ve felt the first sprinkle of the suns rays and we immediately celebrated. You can keep your year round sunshine, L.A. — we don’t need it.

1. The ice cream vans start playing their joyous tunes.

…Making it the most exciting lunch break ever! OH MY GOSH MAXIBONS!

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2. Parks and streets are suddenly full of men who think it’s OK to take their tops off…

Fox / Via giphy.com

…aaaand there goes my lunch.

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3. Parks and beaches are suddenly fit to burst.

Flickr: arripay / Creative Commons

All these apartment dwellers need somewhere to go…

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4. Every day you hear about a new festival you HAVE to go to.

Yes I’m sure it’s like the little sister of Glastonbury or whatever. I’m still not going.

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5. Speaking of which, the news suddenly gets obsessed with mud.

I’m pretty sure we all know it gets very muddy at British festivals by now.

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6. Some women start sporting “festival wear,” which is usually inappropriate for daily life.

Flickr: mcobby / Creative Commons

No, Glasto is not happening at your desk or in WH Smiths. Get a cardi.

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7. Everyone starts to flock to Beer Gardens especially on work evenings.

Good luck finding anything that resembles a seat.

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8. Again, speaking of which, day-drinking becomes socially acceptable.

CBS / Via gifbay.com

It’s above 15 degrees? Get me a cider!

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9. You start to see people walking around sporting a reddish hue.

You might need to tell us again how sun cream works. We’re in denial.

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10. Supermarkets sell out of anything that resembles meat or a bread roll.

Warner Bros. / Via gerwine.tumblr.com

Don’t get me started on the beer crate deals, and good luck finding a disposable BBQ anywhere.

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11. You’re suddenly extremely aware of where the nearest place with air-con is.

NBC / Via giphy.com

We like the heat… but OH YES! Hello sweet sanctuary of cool air!

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12. Everyone starts to take more of an interest in live outdoor sports.

SB Nation / Via giphy.com

Great excuse to sit outside all day. AND to day-drink.

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13. Devon and Cornwall have to start turning people away.

Indican Pictures / Via giphy.com

Not really. But it’s not exactly an original choice for a “mini-break.”

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14. You start to hear the same songs over and over again

Fox / Via gifrific.com

How many times can you really add Will Smith’s “Miami” to the work playlist?

ID: 2963035

15. You get those few that think working outside is a thing they can do.

Yep, you enjoy that laptop glare.

ID: 2963120

16. You start getting “staying inside guilt.”

Oh, Netflix, I do love you but the sun is calling my name, and you know, he asked me first.

ID: 2962990

17. And when you’ve started to think you’ve had enough of the heat, at least you can guarantee it’ll rain the next day.

BBC / Via emotiongifs.com


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