Beavis And Butt-Head’s Top Video Commentary

Beavis and Butt-head were pioneers. After a long hiatus, I’m glad they’re back. Here was their best commentary from the old-school show. posted on


Beavis tries to be a straight up G, Butthead puts him in his place.


Butthead - This butthole keeps saying he can dance, but he can’t dance…


Is this like grudge music?


“Hey Butthead, Ozzy bit off the head of a cow once”
“Yeah that was cool, milk poured out of its neck”


“They should have a name for this kind of music”
“They already have a name for this kind of music Beavis….it’s called crap


“Hey Beavis, remember when you took that jack in the box ,and took a crap in the box, that was cool..”


“Who’s this other guy?”
“I think it’s some jackass that wandered on the set..”


“When your weiner is happy, you’re happy”
Spoken like a true genius


“This is like the zoo……where they keep cool people


“This is like, one of those commercials for Alvin Klein”
Yeah, a new fragrance from alvin klein………….BUTT-for men.


The look of disgust on Beavis and Butthead’s face says it all…

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