18 Self-Destructive Things Single People Need To Stop Doing Right Now

Seriously. Just stop it. There’s enough of that behavior on VH1’s Wicked Single, debuting on — you guessed it — St. Patrick’s Day 2013.

1. Pre-gaming at home, then showing up to the club brimming with wine and despair

3. Assuming everyone wants a piece of your action

TANNEN MAURY/AFP / Getty Images / Getty Images

4. Making wishing/hoping/praying your #1 dating strategy

Make no mistake, this applies to dudes too.

5. Second-guessing yourself

6. Winning drinking contests

(Because ultimately, nobody wins.)

7. Trying to ooze sexiness in all the mundane things you do

8. Waiting and waiting and waiting for them to text you back

9. Not making the second move

10. Constantly bitching about being single

11. Cock-blocking / Clam-jamming

12. Seeing everything as a metaphor* for how single you are.

(*We are aware that this is a simile, not a metaphor. This is just like our last relationship where… never mind.)

13. Constantly dwelling on what might have been.

14. Reading a little too much into everything

15. Freaking out and hiding from your ex

16. Having impossibly high standards

17. Settling

_G2’s/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 87969372@N00

18. Acting like this.

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