21 Mistakes You Made In The 2000s That You Don’t Regret

From puka shell necklaces to Jonas Brothers posters, we all made mistakes in the 2000s. But those mistakes got us to where we are today, so why change a single thing? Relive your cringe-worthy glory days on VH1’s I Love The 2000s, June 17-21!

1. Committing to this everlasting friendship…

ruinedchildhood.com / Via Myspace
ID: 2879053

2. …and destroying friendships over these eight coveted spots:

ID: 2892437

3. The countless hours you spent watching the Numa Numa kid.

ID: 2897495

4. Forever immortalizing your frosted tips in your senior photo.

ID: 2895600

5. Memorizing the entirety of Napoleon Dynamite.

ID: 2879219

6. Investing in any (or all) of these mobile devices…

Kevin (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: believekevin
ID: 2879494

7. …but mostly your full-hand-sized T-Mobile Sidekick…

Getty Images / Ulrich Baumgarten / Via gettyimages.com
ID: 2879567

8. …and the time and effort you spent bedazzling it.

Getty Images / John Sciulli / Via gettyimages.com
ID: 2879574

9. Picking the wrong side in this “feud”:

Getty Images / Via gettyimages.com
ID: 2879432

10. Being a little pervert with your Sims.

The Sims / EA / Via s106.photobucket.com
ID: 2892395

11. Being a little sociopath with your Sims.

The Sims / EA / Via giphy.com
ID: 2892406

12. Lining up at midnight for the newest Harry Potter book.

Wireimage / Mark Sullivan / Via gettyimages.com
ID: 2892421

13. Cranking that Soulja Boy.

ID: 2895838

14. Writing all your notes in gel pens.

ID: 2892456

15. Spending half your allowance showing off your mad Dance Dance Revolution skills.

ID: 2894312

16. All of the popped collars.

Andres Rodriguez (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: symic
ID: 2894526

17. Setting your expectations for high school based on this show:

© WB / Everett Collection
ID: 2895156

18. And thinking that they would actually come true because of this show:

ID: 2895558

19. Still using Napster to make mix CDs even after people started getting caught.

alixanaeuphoria / https://www.flickr.com/search?content_type=1&media=all&license=4%2C5%2C6&adv=1&sort=relevance&text=mix%20cd

Flickr: alixanaeuphoria

ID: 2894968

20. Pairing your UGG boots with absolutely everything.

Liz / (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Flickr: missylizzylucy

Liz / (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Flickr: missylizzylucy

Liz / (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Flickr: missylizzylucy

ID: 2897448

21. And. All. Those. Late. Fees.

trebomb / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 13988857@N00
ID: 2895742

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