The 32 Cutest Pairs Of Headphones In The Entire World

Oh my god, look at your ears, they’re adorable.

1. Matryoshka dolls

ID: 788078

Tiger ears

What kind of music do tigers like? These Neff headphones also come in bear and “snowcat” varieties.

ID: 785987

2. Ladybugs

ID: 788160

3. Bows

The rhinestones make ‘em extra cute.

ID: 788150

4. Gummi bears

ID: 788321

5. Hearts

Aww, you love music so much that your ears are little cartoon hearts.

ID: 787719

6. Buttons

ID: 788162

7. Jigglypuff!

You can (but totally don’t have to) listen to other things besides “Jiggly’s Song” on these adorbz earbuds.

ID: 785976

8. Rabbit ears

ID: 788179

9. Cat ears

Continuing the animal-ear trend, these are perfect for cat enthusiasts and/or furries, if that’s your thing (no judgement here).

ID: 785990

10. Lightning bolts

I think it’s fun to think of ear buds as you would earrings, which makes these an especially cool choice.

ID: 788031

11. Cupcakes ‘n’ candy

What could possibly be sweeter?

ID: 788074

12. Captain America

ID: 788244

13. …and also like every Marvel comic

ID: 788254

14. Screws

In case you want to look like a way cuter version of Frankenstein!

ID: 788024

15. Pokéballs

ID: 788257



ID: 788035

17. Galaxies

ID: 788261

18. Cats!

ID: 788192

19. More lightning, STUDS EDITION

ID: 788264

20. Pizza Hut

With bonus radio!

ID: 788220

21. Super Mario-themed

ID: 788268

22. Knit

Like a sweater for your ears! These are the perfect marriage of headphones and earmuffs.

ID: 788015

23. Cameos

ID: 788305

24. Adventure Time!

ID: 788308

25. …times two!

ID: 788309

26. Cheeseburgers

I think a perfect life would be eating a cheeseburger while listening to Gang of Four’s “Cheeseburger Song” through cheeseburger headphones.

ID: 788065

27. Powerpuff Girls

ID: 788328

28. Furry leopard print

ID: 788330

29. Pandas

Because who doesn’t want tiny baby pandas on their head at all times?

ID: 788052

30. Sushi

ID: 788335

31. Bat ears

Perfect for pretending to be Batman.

ID: 788270

32. Rubber ducks

ID: 788342

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