Let These ’80s Pop Stars Teach You A Thing Or Two About Style

From feathered bangs to legwarmers, it’s called FASHION. Look it up sometime.

1. Definitely wear your hair in a curled ear-length shag, a la Pat Benetar.

ID: 864948

2. Or, opt for Tiffany’s hairsprayed-and-feathered curly bang situation.

ID: 864995

3. Wearing pink frosted lipstick and surrounding your entire eye area with gray pencil? A MUST!

Just ask Sheena Easton.

ID: 864977

4. And one should take notes on anything Cyndi Lauper ever wore, really.

ID: 865520

5. Know what goes with everything? Hugenormous earrings and also this hat.

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

It’s how Debbie Gibson charmed Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, probs.

ID: 865061

6. So many important things happening with The Go-Gos, most notably the belts and socks with heels.

ID: 865411

7. Denim on denim? Totally classic, as demonstrated by Whitney Houston.

Also noteworthy: that crazy-big belt.

ID: 865116

8. Joan Jett’s shoulder pads here = totally essential.

ID: 865651

9. Hitting the gym? Take a lesson from Olivia Newton-John’s headband, leggings and leg warmers.

ID: 865157

10. Big hair goes amazingly well with equally big Janet Jackson-esque hoops, as it turns out.

ID: 865210

11. Sleeveless cocktail dresses? THE JAM. Just look at Annie Lennox.

ID: 865379

12. Tina Turner’s leather elbow gloves are completely beyond, in the best way.

ID: 865328

13. And finally, of course, let’s bow down to literally everything happening here with Madonna.

EVERYTHING, I said. Now tease your hair, put on some leggings, and go forth, my fashionable friend.

ID: 865171

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