Elton John Is The Ultimate Pop Style Icon

He made a Donald Duck suit fashionable, for God’s sake.

1. Let’s begin with a celebration of Elton’s endless collection of bonkers glasses.

ID: 872919

2. By God, the SPECTACLES on this man!

ID: 873712

3. He knows how to accessorize, both with brooches and people.

Just LOOK at him casually outdressing both Marc Bolan and Ringo Starr, a task I thought impossible until I saw this photo.

ID: 872730

4. He even outshone Miss Piggy!

And was maybe the only person in history to do so.

ID: 873012

5. Even his most laid-back looks are effortlessly glamorous.

ID: 872755

6. But lord knows he can also work the hell out of a silk bowtie.


ID: 873089

7. Elton is literally the only person on Earth capable of making a fedora look cool.

Warning: This is a professional on a closed circuit. Do not attempt this look at home.

ID: 873092

8. And I mean, just try to take in every single thing happening here and try to argue that Elton isn’t a golden god.

Like, literally and figuratively. Look at him SHINE.

ID: 873208

9. You must admit, the man certainly has an eye for glitz…

ID: 873548

10. …but also maintains an excellent sartorial sense of humor, as demonstrated in his legendary Donald Duck suit.

My hero.

ID: 873757

11. And don’t even try to be all, “He was only stylish when he was younger!” BECAUSE YA WRONG.

You see, our darling Rocket Man is a KNIGHT these days, so he has to dress a bit more conservatively now, is all.

ID: 873572


Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 873578

13. And EVERYTHING about this suit is flawless, but the shoes! Especially breathtaking.

Tim Whitby / Getty Images
ID: 873592

14. We can take comfort in knowing Elton will never, ever leave his pink glitter days behind.

David Moir / Reuters

Thank goodness, right?

ID: 873593

15. The pictures have spoken: Sir Elton John is a legend. Let’s just take one final second to bask in his stylish majesty.

Oh, Elton. Your mere existence is a gift bestowed onto the whole wide world, and we really couldn’t be more grateful for it.

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