31 Reasons Why Kelly Clarkson Is The Queen Of All Queens

Pop’s most perfect woman is passionate, relatable, and always stays true to herself. Also? She’s fierce as hell, y’all.

1. When she’s sassy, it’s the cutest thing ever.

2. And when she gets down, it’s even better.

4. And gives the best to-the point advice.

6. Even though she hates mornings just as much as you do.

7. Seriously, though, she’s fierce!

8. Any questions? Good. Let’s move on.

9. When she’s passionate about something, SHE GOES IN.

10. So when you’re sad, her lyrics perfectly express how you’re feeling.

11. But her songs are really about working hard to make yourself happy.

12. She cares about what’s right, not what’s popular.

13. And she’s true to herself.


15. She values the unpredictable parts of life.

16. And thinks it should be as interesting as possible.

17. So she accepts that things are going to be a mess sometimes.

18. But she’s still an optimist through it all.

19. Because she’s a fighter.

20. She keeps it real nearly all the time.

21. Except when she pretends she has flaws, which is still pretty adorable because of course we know better.

22. All kidding aside, she truly does have serious wisdom to share, y’all.

23. Like, don’t bother with people that waste your time.

24. Celebrate your strong points.

25. Take the bad with the good.

26. And show love to the people that matter as only you know how.

27. The fact is, Kelly’s just unstoppable.

28. She doesn’t take anyone’s bullshit.

29. And she calls ‘em like she sees ‘em.

30. All in all? She’s fabulous as hell.

31. And in the end, there’s really only one thing to know about Kelly Clarkson.

Happy birthday, dream girl.

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