18 Examples Of Weird And Wonderful Band Merchandise

From weed grinders to Snuggies to condoms, these musicians went WAY beyond simple t-shirts and hoodies.

1. Slayer holiday sweater

ID: 1013875

2. Kiss kasket

Dimebag Darrell was even buried in one! And for the low, low price of $3,299, you can be, too.

ID: 1015717

3. Mastodon “asstodon” shorts

ID: 1015761

4. Wavves weed grinder

Pretty much the most on-brand merch ever.

ID: 1013861

5. Weezer Snuggie

ID: 1013863

6. AC/DC grill mitt

If you like $30 oven mitts, you’re in luck!

ID: 1015903

7. Ween coloring book

ID: 1015838

8. Feist music box

It plays “Mushaboom,” which definitely wasn’t twinkly and sweet enough already and totally needed to be music-box-ified for that to come across.

ID: 1015860

9. One Direction toothbrush and toothpaste

ID: 1015910

10. Morrissey pillowcase

For those accustomed to sleeping alone.

ID: 1015794

11. Pixies cycling jersey

Like, WHY?

ID: 1015934

12. “Weird Al” Yankovic trading cards


ID: 1016035

13. Tenacious D cum rag

ID: 1016038

14. Dr. Dre magnetic refrigerator poetry

For those who want to hang up particularly xxplosive grocery lists and chronic pictures of their nephew.

ID: 1015961

15. Rolling Stones skis

ID: 1016046

16. Justin Bieber shower curtain

There’s no way of considering the existence of this thing that isn’t at least somewhat skeezy.

ID: 1016001

17. U2 condoms

ID: 1016049

18. And, of course, the Rammstein dildo kit.

They’re molded from the real-life penii of Rammstein’s band members. DILDO HAST MICH!

ID: 1013898

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