15 Infographics That Will Make You A Great Dancer

Let these simple diagrams show you how to bust a move like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, or, uh, Elaine Benes.

1. The Gangnam Style

ID: 957736

2. The Time Warp

Do the pelvic thrust! This and the following picture come from Brazilian graphic artist Niege Borges Alves.

ID: 957654

3. The Napoleon Dynamite

ID: 957666

4. Various 1950s Radness

ID: 957671

5. The “Single Ladies”

ID: 957752

7. The “Thriller”

ID: 957694

8. The Macarena

ID: 957768

9. The Thom Yorke

ID: 957744

10. The Tango

Bonus cool fact: This diagram was created by Andy Warhol!

ID: 957889

11. Dancehall Made E-Z

ID: 957794

12. Breakdance Classics

ID: 957802

13. The Soulja Boy “Crank That”

ID: 957787

14. The Elaine Benes

ID: 957813

15. The Box Step

ID: 957916

So simple! Take this advice and pretty soon you’ll be all up in the club like:


ID: 957939

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