The 9 Absolute Worst Times For Your Phone To Die

Your phone couldn’t have picked a better time to power down. Fortunately, you can avoid scenarios like these with 50% off new smartphones from Verizon — America’s Largest and Most Reliable Network.

1. When trying to navigate out of that creepy forest.

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2. During a phone interview with the only company that responded to your resume.

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Here’s to living with mom and dad for another year.

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3. At 3 A.M. when you realize you are locked out of your apartment.

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The convenience store wasn’t even open either. Fail.

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4. On an 8 hour road trip with the in-laws.

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Candy Crush was your only hope, and now it’s gone.

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5. When that cute girl was trying to give you her number.

The ONE time you had the nerve to ask for her number…

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6. When you get separated from your friends at a music festival.

At least it’s easy to make new friends at these things, right?

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7. When you realize you don’t know anyone at this party.

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8. When you’ve been on hold with customer service for 30 minutes and someone is finally available.

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Hell hath no greater fury…

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9. And of course, when your easily worried mom texts you.

Give it another hour and she will probably call the police.

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