11 Amazing Two-Headed Animals

Technically it’s called “polycephaly,” but you probably know it as “HOLY CRAP THAT CAT HAS TWO HEADS!” Check out these 11 wonderful weirdos, and if you want more — and you know you want more — tune in to AMC’s Freakshow, Thursdays 9:30/8:30c.

1. Rudy, the two-headed pig

What’s cuter than a two-headed piglet? Nothing. (Unless you have a three-headed piglet you’re not telling us about.)

2. Pancho And Lefty, The Two Headed Bearded Dragon

Life probably isn’t too lonely for conjoined bearded dragons Pancho And Lefty. Along with their 14 conjoined brothers and sisters, the pair were adopted by Todd Ray, proprietor of the Venice Beach Freak Show and owner of what is said to be the world’s largest collection of two-headed-animals.

3. Lenny And Squiggy, The Two-Headed Albino Hognose Snake

If you are one of the hundreds of Americans who think single-headed snakes aren’t creepy enough, we have good news.

4. Frank and Louie, AKA Frankenlouie!

It’s… ALIVE! As of this writing, Frankenlouie is twelve years old and in good health. Not bad, considering the average lifespan of a “Janus cat” is zero years.

5. The Two-Headed Red Slider Turtle

Unless they meet inside the shell to periodically strategize, there’s a decent chance these two heads don’t know about each other.

6. Bangkok Double-Croc

Unfortunately, they lost track of it once they flushed it down a double-toilet.*

(*totally not true)

7. Cyclops, the two-headed/one-eyed pig

Two-headed pigs appear to be more common than you’d think, at least in China. If there isn’t a Chinese word than means “at once cute and terrifying,” there probably should be.

8. Star, the two-faced cow

No, you’re a two-faced cow.

9. Two-headed Terrapin!

If this dude had one head he’d be an unusual looking turtle.

10. Two Headed Kitten!

Double the cuteness, double the weirdness.

11. Two-headed grasshoper

This isn’t a mutation: This insect has evolved to look this way to protect it from predators. Or, depending on your point of view, God designed it that way as a goof.

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