15 Guys That Know How To Get The Job Done

One man’s lazy is another man’s genius. Check out these guys who know how to save a few steps, and let us know what guy you know at Velveeta’s Eat Like That Guy page.

1. That Guy Who Really Knows How To Walk The Dog

2. That Guy Who Doesn’t Need A Bluetooth To Go Handsfree

3. That Guy Who Can Remain Seated

4. That Guy Who Doesn’t Need To Sit Up

5. That Other Guy Who Doesn’t Need To Sit Up

6. That Guy Who Can Mow From The Couch

7. That Guy Who Can Be Comfortable And Look Like A Boss

8. That Guy Who Can Enjoy Breakfast Without Washing A Bowl

9. That Guy Who’s Always Able To Find An Alternate Route

10. That Guy Who Lost The Remote But Found A Solution

11. That Guy Who Doesn’t Need To Drive Around

12. That Guy Who Always Gets The Job Done

13. That Guy Who Doesn’t Need Your Fancy Scaffolding

14. That Guy Who Always Pulls Together A Great Costume At The Last Minute

15. That Guy Who Never Has To Give Up Comfort For Style

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