15 Guys Everybody Knows

You know him. Everybody knows him. But absolutely no one can explain him. Share your own guy that everybody knows at Velveeta’s Eat Like That Guy page.

1. That guy who owns the newest snowblower and can’t wait for the next generation to come out.

2. That guy who’s a professional auctioneer, and whether it’s cattle or charity gift baskets, you’re going to be bidding high.

3. That guy who always only takes one trip…

…No matter…

4. That guy who wears headphones at the game to listen to his favorite play-by-play announcer.

5. That guy who broke his nose but put it back in place himself, because, whatever, it was broken and needed to get fixed.

6. That guy who stands outside and watches the grill heat up with you in total silence.

7. That guy who knows any weather is shorts weather.

8. That guy who’s dressed as a general at a fort historical site and never breaks character.

9. That guy who always drives to every vacation because he dosen’t know who’s flying that plane.

10. That guy who’s got two jobs, one of which is volunteer firefighter.

11. That guy who’s got a tiki bar in his backyard with two matching stools if you ever want to come over.

12. That guy who tells you about the guy back home that said his car got major air going over that speed bump.

13. That guy who shows all the pictures of the animals he’s shot on the first date.

14. That guy who teaches gym class and gets all the PE he needs blowing that whistle.

15. That guy who just installed a vanity horn in his car.

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