12 Hilarious Political Memes That Aren’t Going Away

Politicians often find themselves in situations that, unfortunately for them, make for hilarious internet jokes for us, as evidenced by Veep’s Selina Meyer and politicians everywhere. Catch new episodes of Veep on HBO, Sundays at 10PM.

1. Loving that new look Barry. WERK IT

ID: 1087734


ID: 1088862

3. Hillary HATES when you mess around in the office. No time for YouTube videos.

Kevin Lamarque/Rueters via Texts From Hillary
ID: 1087780

4. Obama’s first day of high school.

Paramount, Spencer Platt / Getty (Obama) / Via pinterest.com
ID: 1087763

5. Looking good JB, loooooking good.

ID: 1088742

6. Mitt Romney for Lisa Frank…the hot new collaboration at Office Depot

ID: 1088080

7. Well at least he got one thing right. Yes, THERE is something wrong with that banana. The bigger question is, who eats raw corn?

Tim Sloan/AFP / Getty Images / Via myhumorspot.com
ID: 1088591

8. Oh…you work in politics?

ID: 1099166

9. GangnaMitt Style

ID: 1092885

10. Classic…just classic.

ID: 1099163

11. OMG Paul Ryan: teen heartthrob of 2012!!

Gregg Segal, Time Magazine / Via themessageis.com
ID: 1099095

12. Bill Clinton is SOOOOO saxy!

The Arsenio Hall Show, CBS / Via videogum.com
ID: 1099120
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