37 Best Pulp Concert Twitter Reactions

The dream of the ’90s was alive at Radio City Music Hall Wednesday night, guys.

Pulp wrapped up a two-night stint at Radio City Music Hall last night. If you don’t know who Pulp is, you probably just lost a lot of street cred with the folks below.

ID: 226721

2. Man of the Hour

ID: 226636

3. Double-booking is hard, you guys.

ID: 226556

4. Everyone was there. EVERYONE.

ID: 226557

5. On the subject of the venue:

ID: 226558

6. Just so we’re clear.

ID: 226628

8. Fashion played a key role.

ID: 226560

12. The More You Ignore (kn)It. The Closer It Gets.

ID: 226595

13. Tweets laced with guilt.

ID: 226603

16. Groundbreaking.

ID: 226563

17. Scooby-Doo Reaction: “Those meddling kids!”

ID: 226599

18. Sad Pulp Fan is Sad.

ID: 226566

19. FOMO was rampant outside of Radio City Music Hall

ID: 226570

21. The Ultimate Case of FOMO. META.

ID: 226575

22. Someone call Austin Powers. LASERS.

ID: 226577

23. Focus was intense.

ID: 226598

24. Instagram was a hot topic.

ID: 226578

25. Instagram: Ultimate Cure for FOMO

ID: 226596

27. Target Demographic.

ID: 226579

28. You just haven’t, m’kay?

ID: 226584

29. Even kids were getting in on the act.

ID: 226588

30. Call Ghostbusters. Streams crossed: Fox News Mole and Pulp.

ID: 226590

33. Others were changed for life.

ID: 226611

37. Others, well, they saw right through you, bro.

ID: 226572

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