23 “Hunger Games” Reactions

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As the clock struck midnight, dollars accumulated to reach a staggering $19.7 million cool ones. Meanwhile, the tweets before, during and after the show, well, they just reminded us what it was like to be a teenager again. AMIRITE, YOU GUYS?

23. The line is half the fun. Right, you guys?

22. Some REALLY had not been around teenagers in a long time.

18. Others… let’s just say they weren’t BOTHERED by the teen girls. I CAN’T.

16. Nothing like a nice reminder about today’s economy!

15. “I SO need lessons from you on how to be cool. Tell me that part about Kenny G. again.”

14. Oh, Emily. One would think, right?

13. Now THAT’S the spirit!

11. Here is the ‘this happened.’ Bless his heart.

10. This movie is inspiring people to LEARN ALL TEH THINGZ.

9. Girl, you got this.


6. For another person, well, it almost caused an existential crisis.

5. You knew this was all going to lead to Star Wars. YOU KNEW IT.


2. First World Problems.

1. You guys! I saved the best for last, just like Vanessa Williams taught us back in the 90s.

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