What NOT To Do In A Library

There are 4 UNwritten rules that everyone should have in their heads while heading to a Library!


Don’t even think about removing your shoes. No, seriously. Don’t even think about it.


There are restaurants and other food-friendly places to eat. Why choose the library? really! Oh and.. if you ever choose to eat in the library, don’t eat like WWIII is on its way.


Now, man. All you need is your books.. and maybe your laptop. Why take with you all your belongings and be all over the place? *friendly pat*


NOW this is a lil’ bit tricky! Why take your boyfriend/girlfriend with you in the library? And make the other people miserable while you’re making out in their books? IT’S THE LIBRARY, there will be geeks and nerds without life and feel really bad they don’t have someone to drool on! The library is a place of books and spirit and.. blah blah blah..

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