Justin Bieber Is Not A Great Human Being

Ok, we get it, he’s a child - but seriously?!

1. The time when he wrote he hopes Anne Frank would’ve been a Belieber

No comment here.

2. The time he got his pet monkey taken away from him

3. Speaking of Germany

4. The time he lashed out on a paparazzi in London

Bieber got into an altercation with insult-hurling paparazzi, lashing out at a photographer with a stream of expletives as he was restrained by minders.
He then took to Twitter to explain his behaviour:
“Sometimes when people r shoving cameras in your face all day and yelling the worst thing possible at u…well I’m human. Rough week.”

5. The time he showed up 2 hours late to his gig

He showed up 2 hours late to his show at the London O2 Arena on a school night - keeping many parents waiting for their kids. He then claimed to be only 40 minutes late. Oh and the tickets to the show cost a lot of money too.

6. The time he got caught smoking weed

Ok, whatever your opinion on smoking weed is, it is probably not the best thing to encourage if you’re a teen idol.

7. He says all kinds of stupid things

8. Or this

People write to me and say, ‘I’m giving up, you’re not talking to me.’ I just write them a simple message like, ‘Never give up,’ you know? And it changes their life.

10. He supposedly cheated on his girlfriend, Selena Gomez

More here.

11. The time he tried to escape his fans on a SEGWAY

12. He makes little girls cry


14. Ugh, Bieber, get a grip!

15. Would you want your brother/sister/kid turning out like him?

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