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  • Social Media Job Interview Questions

    What do you see yourself Tweeting five years from now?” “Please use harness in a sentence about social media. Great, now pretend I’m a client and use it five different times in one short conversation.” Read More>

  • Unintentionally Gay Music Videos

    Back in the heyday of MTV some established rock acts made a genuine attempt to be innovative with their videos, trying to break the mold of chintzy special effects, testosterone-filled clichés and the perfunctory live performance. Striving to be completely different, some videos turned out, shall we say, just a bit gay. By “gay” of course, we mean every conceivable meaning of the word. Here are some gems.

  • How Jennifer Aniston Chooses a Film

    Aniston: Yeah, I think it could focus on what happens to Ross and Rachel 5 years later. Hmm, just thinking out loud here, but we’d probably want to recast Schwimmer, he hasn’t aged that well and I think people would find it hard to believe I’d be into him still… thinking maybe Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman or Zac Efron… any of those guys would be dandy. Can we do it? Can we, can we, please, please, please?! (clapping her hands and pursing her lips) Read More>

  • Multicultural Guest Service Enhances Suburban Parties

    “We always wanted some black friends but didn’t know where to find them or what to say to them when we did,” said Gerry as he was preparing for his gathering by hiding his Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly and People magazines and strategically replacing them on the Ikea coffee table with the latest issues of Art Forum, Interview and Vibe. Read More>

  • McDonald’s Offers New ‘Dime Menu’

    Looking to offer something new and exciting to its ever-growing customer base and to get a leg up on the heated competition, McDonald’s announced today it is now offering a new “Dime Menu” at all of its restaurants around the country. Everything on this extensive menu will be value priced at ten cents. Read More>

  • Useful Noncommittal Responses

    Why offend when confronted with people’s questionable taste? Just answer politely with the following meaningless responses. Situation: A coworker goes on and on about a lame place they visited. Response: “I can totally see you having fun there.” Situation: A friend tells you about a horrible band he just loves. Response: “I hear they have many fans.” Read More>