12 Products You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

They’ve really thought of everything!

1. A road-safe car, that also flies!

REX USA / Erik Pendzich

The Terrafugia claims to be the first flying car of the 21st century. OMG.

ID: 2798600

2. A dog language translator.

japangadgetshop.com / Via Japan Gadget Shop

So you can become truly “bowlingual” — heyo!

ID: 2798314

3. A harness for your wine glass.

So you can snack freely! Thank you, WineYoke.

ID: 2798700

4. A headband that controls your dreams.


Finally, something to make the clowns go away! Thank you, iWinks.

ID: 2798736

5. A butler that’s out of this world.

Yes, this alien butler sculpture is real. And yes, it has better abs than you.

ID: 2798760

6. A portable sail for your skates (or skateboard).

amazon.com / Via Skatesail

When kick, kick, push, gets old, the Skatesail will be there for you.

ID: 2798740

7. A cup holder for your umbrella.

REX USA / Morella / Bournemouth News / Rex

Rain and a hot cup of coffee will never have to be apart ever again.

ID: 2798807

8. A personal, wearable sauna.

Finally, you can feel the healing and relaxing powers of heat without having to accidentally make eye contact with a stranger’s bare butt.

ID: 2800068

9. Glasses that help you read lying down.

REX USA / Ray Tang

And make you look pretty darn good while doing it. They come in a variety of styles, too!

ID: 2798861

10. A vacuum just for bugs.

Actually, sign us up — this thing not only sucks the bugs, but it also zaps them dead so they’ll never crawl out and come find you in your bed later that night… maybe.

ID: 2798894

11. A self-pouring teapot.

REX USA / Ray Tang

Because tea is hot and heavy, duh. (This one is actually an antique.)

ID: 2800084

12. Underwear that filters out the smell of farts.

REX USA / Shreddies Ltd / Rex


ID: 2800145

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