Whoopi Goldberg Doesn’t Give A F*ck

Whoopi Goldberg is like the honey badger and Winnie the Pooh had a baby. She doesn’t care and she’s okay with that.

1. Ah, Whoopi.

The star who has it all. Literally. Oscar? Check. Grammy? Check. Tony? Check. Emmy? Check. Golden Globe? Check AND Check…she has two of those.

ID: 1118008

2. She’s a great actress, a superb host…but when it comes to fame and fortune…

Eh, it’s okay.

ID: 1118014

3. She wore this to the Tony Awards in 2011…

ID: 1118018

4. …and kept the hat on the whole night.

Imagine sitting behind her. But ya know what? Who cares? Not Whoopi. You can block my view anytime you want.

ID: 1118019

5. Speaking of the Tony Awards…

Not only has she won one, but she hosted them in 2008 in addition to having hosted the Oscars FOUR times. She LOVES an excuse to throw on a costume. Apparently, she brought this one from home. Just look at all the f*cks she gives.

ID: 1118139

6. She hosts The View…

A few other ladies are there too, but they seem to be dropping like flies. Whoopi? You mad?

ID: 1118030

7. She. Doesn’t. Give. A. F*ck.

ID: 1118032

8. Sometimes guests say some crazy things…

ID: 1118035

9. She’ll give you a warning to cool it…

ID: 1118038

10. Keep it up and SHE WILL TELL YOU.

She’ll tell you good. Every time. Whoopi wins. Alliteration always.

ID: 1118042

11. “Whoopi! Can you comment on your latest incident?”

“I already told you once.”

ID: 1118045

12. The ladies of The View love to dress up for an occasion…

Former Presidential Nominees? Not Whoopi.

ID: 1118082

13. First lady?


ID: 1118076

14. Mr. President?

Alright, this one is nice. Get it, Whoopi.

ID: 1118088

15. Other than the President, why should she care? She’s Celie.


ID: 1118111

16. Oda Mae Brown

Tens and twenties?

ID: 1118115

17. Corrina

Slow down.

ID: 1118120

18. Guinan

For the nerds out there…

ID: 1118141

19. AND Sister Mary Clarence. TWICE.

ID: 1118091

20. Whoopi. You’re the best!

Oh right. You don’t care.

ID: 1118143

21. Sherri? Did you want to add something?

Rude. But, correct.

ID: 1118093

22. Oh! And also…

ID: 1118121

23. This happened.

ID: 1118123

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