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    • tzimm1

      Aww…Iactually don’t hate it. Yes,Isubscribe to the religion of Queen Bey butIthink she was just trying to 1) stay away from insane airbrushing and 2) keep the cover simple and minimalistic, especially with her outfit. The white background and simple text support that. As far as the modern day feminist thing goes…Idont think that by calling herself Mrs. Carter that she is labelling her gender. She’s speaking for herself asawife, andavery proud one at that. She may take his last name, but we all know they’re married to eachother. Goes both ways. And anyone that knows what she stands for understands that she feelsavery deep connection to family and she feels that she has chosenarole to beamother and wife. These are justafew extremely strong, qualities any female can have. It doesn’t make her an anti-feminist. As our society inches closer to equality, it’s easier to see that the definition of feminism is changing. It has nothing to do with “Single Ladies,” which is more about spotting your ex ataclub and letting him know it’s over and that he should have struck when the iron was hot… not steike any time. It’s not called “Desperate Ladies.” People seem to think that you’ve got to have some sort of insecurity to push you towards any type of self-confidence when it comes to beingawoman. There isadifference between being defensive and being your comfortable self.Ithink she’s trying to let people know she’s comfortable.