Untouched 1942 Apartment Discovered In Paris

Parisian socialite and actress Madame de Florian fled her apartment in an effort to escape a Nazi raid. She never returned to her dwelling and yet continued to pay the rent right up until she passed away aged 91.

A drawing up an inventory of Madame de Florian possessions after her passing homed in on the flat near the Trinité church in Paris between the Pigalle red light district and Opera.

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A 1898 painting of Madame de Florian age 24 by artist Giovanni Boldini. The starting price for the painting in the auction was $407,940, it soon went up to $2,855,580 for the historic work. A world record for the artist.

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Love letters written by Boldini were found. Other admirers were the 72nd prime minister of France, and George Clemenceau

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With the Nazi invasion being so swift, she quickly fled to the South of France, leaving her entire life, apartment and belongings behind. Notice the pre-world war Mickey mouse.

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The apartment, which proved to be as rich with possessions as it is with secrets, is currently closed off to the public, though some speculate that may change.

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