The Back-Story To The Internet “Human Teeth Shark”

We have all the seen the “human teeth shark” online or sent to us via some social media outlook. But find out more about the back-story of this internet picture

The modified picture floating around on the internet for years.

Photographer Mike Parry was standing just a few feet away from the powerful predator when it broke through the water next to his small fishing boat near Dyer Island, Cape Province, South Africa.

‘No one on the boat could believe that I was lucky enough to catch the exact moment. It takes a lot of waiting and patience for that one lucky shot.’

Hollywood blockbuster Jaws, portrayed the species as a ‘ferocious man eater’.

It’s believed that the great white finds most humans too bony for their liking, some have stated sharks biting on warm blooded humans is similar to humans chewing on a mouthful of aluminum foil.

Photo: Aaron Harris / AP / Via

And finally sharks seem to love AC/DC, their sensitive hearing is compatible with the band’s low frequency music and they are particularly keen on Shook Me All Night Long from trial and error research.

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