Awesome Dad Creates Treasure Hunt For Son’s Birthday

Parenting: you’re doing it right. Redditor crujones43 wanted to do something different for his son’s 11th birthday, so he created this treasure hunt.

I just dumped a bunch of change into a dollar store box I painted silver. I also added in a $20 and a $5.

ID: 1117055

2. The Clue

Just a PVC pipe painted silver with a map inside.

ID: 1117080

3. The hiding spot

ID: 1117081

4. The Setup

He told his son that he dropped a loonie (Canadian dollar coin) down the heat vent and couldn’t reach it.

ID: 1117084

5. He found it

Of course he found something else.

ID: 1117085

6. The first map

ID: 1117094

7. Finding the second map

ID: 1117096

8. The second map

Overlay for the first map printed on a transparency sheet

ID: 1117098

Making sure they are heading in the right direction.

ID: 1117111

11. Treasure found

Wait there is a lock and another map.

ID: 1117108

12. Clue number three

ID: 1117117

13. All clues together

Lock combination is shown.

ID: 1117120

14. A birthday to remember

ID: 1117123

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