How To Throw The Most Awesome Superhero Party Ever

Capes, masks, and cake: what could go wrong? For your little superhero or heroine…or the grown-up superhero in you.

3. There are so many cute superhero invitations.

Like these from Sara Luke Creative on Etsy.

ID: 1122133

Or this one from Pear Tree.

ID: 1122136

5. This one’s all fancy and 3D.

Available as part of a package from One Charming Party.

ID: 1122138

7. Rock candy makes awesome/non-lifeforce-sucking kryptonite.

Found on Catch My Party.

ID: 1122140

8. Comic book page cones hold Cheetos or other crunchy things.

Made with photocopies, of course! From Life Frosting.

ID: 1122141

Life Frosting also made wrappers for her drinks and hot dogs. So cool.

ID: 1122143

10. For a healthier option: SUPER foods.

You can get the printable signs over at One Charming Party.

ID: 1122149

11. Marshmallows make adorable mini-heroes!

Like your kids need more sugar, and you need to spend time making these. But still, aren’t they so cute? From Critters and Crayons.

ID: 1122147

12. These superpower cupcakes are super colorful.

For the icing lover in you, from Sugar Swings.

ID: 1122148

14. This heroic wreath’s made with cupcake wrappers.

The superhero version’s from Sweet Designs, but you can learn the technique over at Crafty Texas Girls.

ID: 1122154

15. Turn your cake table into an IRL comic.

Um, awesome. From Love The Day.

ID: 1122144

16. Photocopied comic book pages make great DIY bunting.

The comic version’s from This Girl’s Life, but you can find a paper bunting tutorial at Delightfully Tacky.

ID: 1122156

17. Go all pop-arty with bright colors.

This table from Hostess with the Mostess is so fabulous it hurts my eyes.

ID: 1122157

18. Awesome for any party: balloon garlands.

You don’t even need helium for this simple decoration by A Girl and A Boy.

ID: 1122158

19. Even the condiments can get in on the fun.

Because who wants a logo in the middle of all this awesomeness? From Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss.

ID: 1122159

21. Let them make their own super hero cuffs!

This counts as a costume and a craft, and just uses glue, construction paper, and old toilet paper rolls. From Kate’s Creative Space.

ID: 1122104

22. Masks are another superhero essential.

Just Bunch has a pattern. Let the guests decorate them, or make them in advance.

ID: 1122107

23. Face paint makes a great mask too, if they have patience for it.

Lessons Learnt Journal has some great tips.

ID: 1122106

24. Here are some no-sew DIY capes.

From Jolly Mom.

ID: 1122111

25. Tutus are great for the girlier girls (or anyone who wants to wear one!)

If you don’t want to make your own, buy one from Goody Goody Tutus.

ID: 1122113

26. Don’t forget to turn a fridge box into an epic telephone booth changing station.

Via How Does She?

ID: 1122117

28. First thing’s first: Superhero Training.

Lavender Avenue had her mini-heros balance on railroad ties and knock over the evil doll by throwing balls through a hula hoop.

ID: 1122098

29. Test your web shooting skills!

And also MEET SPIDERMAN. From Early Mama.

ID: 1122094

30. This brave “supervillain” became a living piñata.

Every time they hit him with a water balloon, he tossed candy out of the bag. Eventually he was defeated! From Creative Green Living.

ID: 1122093

31. Commemorate the occasion with a superpower photo booth.

Like this super awesome one from One More Mushroom.

ID: 1122089

Or this pink, yellow, and purple one from Kara’s Party Ideas.

ID: 1122090

(because maybe you want to throw a super 25th birthday party…)

ID: 1122080

34. “With Great Wine Comes Great Responsibility”

From the same genius who came up with the cupcake wreath: Sweet Designs.

ID: 1122082

35. Here’s a variety of Avengers-themed cocktail recipes.

I’m slightly suspicious of the Hulk, but the Captain America shot looks tasty. Found on Geekologie, originally on The More I Arty.

ID: 1122085

36. And finally, shot glasses with capes.

Yes. Only $7.99 each over at ThinkGeek.

ID: 1122086

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