29 Hacks For The Frugal Clean Freak

Bonus: most of these are earth-friendly, too.

1. Remove stains from your aluminum pots and pans with apple peels.

Fill the pan in question with water, add the apple peels, and simmer for half an hour. From here.

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2. Dust with a used dryer sheet.

Don’t forget to rub down your baseboards, too. Supposedly, they pick up today’s dust and repel future dust.

From here.

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3. Skip the room sprays.

Car freshener clips work inside, too. If you’re lucky enough to have central AC, you can just clip them onto your vents.

From here.

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4. Banish grout mold with some bleach, baking soda and elbow grease.

Recipe here.

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5. DIY your fabric refresher.

Particularly helpful if you have smelly housemates, and/or repulsively smelly shoes. Recipe here.

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6. Shine your sink with citrus and baking soda.

This works on all sorts of sinks, even stainless steel. If you use lemons, you can grind them up in the garbage disposal afterward to make it smell fresh. From here.

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7. Put cheap refill soap in your foaming soap dispensers.

Just add water to your thicker handsoap. Of course, you’ll need to have splurged on one of those foaming soap things at one point. From here.

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8. Get gross sticker residue off with coconut oil and baking soda.

(And probably some scrubbing effort). Recipe here.

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9. Make your dish detergent work double duty as a grease remover.

It is, after all, meant to remove grease from your dishes. Directions here.

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10. Un-stain your granite countertops with flour and hydrogen peroxide.

Directions here.

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11. Wash everything from plastic toys to toothbrush holders in your dishwasher.

Jim Bauer/Creative Commons

Read more here.

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12. Never buy overpriced wrinkle releaser again.

Get the recipe.

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13. Save on dry cleaning by washing your own wool sweaters.

You can’t skimp on dry cleaning everything, but wool is something you can. Make sure you lay them out flat to dry, so they retain their shape. More directions here.

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14. Replace your paper towels with microfiber cloths or huck towels.

What are huck towels, you ask? Learn more here.

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15. Save your soap slivers to make a brand-spankin’-new bar of soap.

Get the directions here.

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16. Use vinegar and essential oil as fabric softener.

No need for complicated recipes. From DIY Natural.

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17. Concoct your own laundry soap.

This recipe doesn’t even make you grate a bar of soap.

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18. Do the dollar store thing.

Lots of off-brand cleaning supplies work exactly the same way as their branded counterparts. Tip from here.

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19. Steam clean your microwave with a bowl of vinegar.

So sure you’ve heard this tip before. But seriously, it works.

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20. Forget that expensive makeup brush cleaner.

Olive oil (or even baby oil) and dish soap work just fine. Get the how-to here.

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21. Mix up a custom daily shower spray.

Here are a few good recipes. Just remember to rinse and squeegee afterward, or you’ll still risk soap scum buildup.

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22. Polish your brass with flour and vinegar.

The flour paste helps the vinegar hang out on the metal long enough for it to shine. More here.

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23. Make a spray of baking soda and water for your oven.

Good for the lazy, too. Spray it down a few times, and then after baking a batch of cookies (or something), let it cool down enough so you don’t get hurt when you go in there with a scrubber to wipe it out.

Full directions here.

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24. Refill your WetJet container.

You can add whatever cleaning solution you want. Directions here.

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25. Mix baking soda and a little essential oil to de-stank your rug.

Sprinkle on, let sit for a few hours, vacuum up. So easy. Directions here.

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26. You can also throw together your own window cleaner.

See the cost breakdown — and find out how much you save over normal glass cleaner — here.

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27. Shine up your stainless steel with baby oil.

Unfortunately it won’t prevent grubby child/husband/roommate hands from streaking it up again. From here.

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28. You can wash your Swiffer dusters.

Yeah, mind BLOWN. Either handwash in the sink, gently swishing in some warm water, or toss in the washer machine in a mesh garment bag. From here.

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29. Put a cup of vinegar in the top rack of your dishwasher and run on the hottest cycle.

It’s crazy easy, and natural. From here.

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