30 Cheap And Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks

More money, more problems, amirite?

1. Pencil grips make crochet hooks more comfortable.

From here.

ID: 1365276

2. Turn pool noodles into waterproof garlands.

How-to here.

ID: 1365297

3. S-hooks and binder clips as pot storage.

Not THAT kind. From here.

ID: 1365304

4. Use some picture frames to make a terrarium.

Directions here.

ID: 1365481

5. Organize crayons by color with popsicle trays.

For those of you with kiddos or regressive tendencies. You’ll never have to wait for an orange again. From here.

ID: 1365311

6. Manila folders + chopsticks = modern lamp.

OK, the lightbulb kit may require a visit to the hardware store. Instructions here.

ID: 1365319

7. Pick your favorite plastic animal and turn him into a bookend.

You don’t even have to cut them in half this time. Instructions here.

ID: 1365390

8. Sponges can be ergonomic keyboard things.

You could cover them in fabric if you don’t dig the kitchen look. From here.

ID: 1365262

9. Picture frames work as dry erase boards.

HA! Designs - Artbyheather / Via Flickr: hadesigns

Drop plain white paper in there if you’re not into the scrapbooky look. From here.

ID: 1365331

10. Dropcloths can be curtains, too.

From here.

ID: 1365336

11. These wire easels want to keep your laptop cool.

Instructions here.

ID: 1365342

12. Turn cooling racks and lasagna pans into juicy steaks.

(Close enough.) How-to here.

ID: 1365346

13. Cover oddly shaped kitchen items with shower caps.

From here.

ID: 1365364

14. Spraypaint and patience can turn beads into a chandelier.

Pinterest-ers will be familiar with this one. Original tutorial here.

ID: 1365431

15. Get crafty with two colors of paint and some vases.

From here.

ID: 1365377

16. Mercury-ize any sort of glassware you happen to find.

Tutorial here.

ID: 1365379

17. Dino butts can help your phone stand up.

You just have to ignore the plastic dino’s screams of anguish as you cut it in half. Instructions here.

ID: 1365290

18. Make a little magnet board with a burner cover.

Aww. From here.

ID: 1365500

19. Cups can be custom modular storage.

You’ll need a toolbox. Tutorial here.

ID: 1365391

20. Use contact paper as a laptop skin.

DIY here.

ID: 1365417

21. Mirrors become little boxes.

With just a little help from your good old friend, the hot glue gun. Tutorial here.

ID: 1365418

22. You too can have a spa-like bathroom for only like $5.

Instructions for this pebble bath mat here.

ID: 1365432

23. Never ever misplace your keys again…

…as long as you remember to hang them in the teeny frame. Directions here.

ID: 1365434

24. Keep your beer at hand all summer long.

Gotta be a little handy for this. Tutorial here.

ID: 1365445

25. Fancy pants topiaries (assuming you can find moss).

These will depend on your dollar store. Directions here.

ID: 1365447

26. Highlighters = glow water. WHAT.

So, I’m no toddler but I’m going to do this anyway. MAKE SURE THE HIGHLIGHTERS SPECIFICALLY SAY “NONTOXIC.” Directions here.

ID: 1365455

27. Turn paint can lids into a pretty outdoor mirror.

Also an Anthro hack. Directions here.

ID: 1365465

28. Find a microfiber towel and sew it into a Swiffer cover.

From here.

ID: 1365478

29. Turn a laundry basket into a pretty striped basket.

Tutorial here.

ID: 1365518

30. Binder clips can hold your cables.

The page is in Dutch, but this transcends language. From here.

ID: 1365312

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