Crazy Or Cool? Satisfy Your Retro TV Cravings On Etsy

Love Retro TV, but don’t love the cost of memorabilia? Etsy to the rescue! We found the low-key and the totally insane ways to remember your favorite shows!


CRAZY: Was Bill Cosby a famous basketball player on the US Olympic team? No. Does that really matter? No. Not really.

ID: 532621

COOL: It’s simple, it’s brown, it looks good with your jeans. Nuff said. Oh, and that The Cosby Show premieres on TV Land September 10 at 8PM/7C!

ID: 532629

CRAZY: Zombie Riccardos. Mmmmm….brains.

ID: 532637

COOL: Mmmmm…cake! Also cool? Watching two episodes of I Love Lucy every weekday at 10:30AM/9:30C!

ID: 532648

CRAZY: Just like the earrings your kid made at camp. In 1990.

ID: 532652

COOL: An Afghan ugly enough people will think you bought it on purpose!

ID: 532656

CRAZY: Why yes, I have a collection of over 100 nutcrackers. Is that strange?

ID: 532659

COOL: Bonus points if you can sneak a Pokemon card in with these unnoticed. Trade with your friends while you watch The Andy Griffith Show daily at 11:30AM/10:30C.

ID: 532662

HONORABLE MENTION: if you have a thousand bucks to drop AND you’re a little touched in the head, don’t fail to snatch up this original painting of Barney Fife.

ID: 532665

CRAZY: I collect VHS tapes. Yes, VHS tapes.

ID: 532670

COOL: Breaking out this jigsaw puzzle after dinner with the liqueurs. M*A*S*H is on every weekday starting at 6PM/5C.

ID: 532674

And when you get tired of shopping, or frankly while you shop, make sure to watch all of these classic tv shows on TV Land. Find out what channel it’s on where you live:

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