I live with a snapping turtle. He’s not an…

I live with a snapping turtle. He’s not an animal I would have taken in, save that he was blind and dying when I got hold of him. I had less than a day to decide whether I was willing to be responsible for him for the rest of his life. If I had not decided to do so, he would have been euthanized. Not, mind you, because he couldn’t have a happy life — but he couldn’t be rehabilitated and released. No rehabber wanted to deal with him long term. My commitment to vegetarianism grew out of a realization that other people would want to kill and/or eat a creature I loved very much and worked hard to save. Am I being a toddler because I have sympathy for other creatures? Am I being a toddler because I wrestle with ethical dilemmas that you don’t? Anyway, I recently went to a conference in an area of the world where snapping turtle was on the menu. I am usually pretty flexible about where we can eat as long as I can eat too. I drew the line at patronizing places that served turtle this time. I’m glad my friends put up with my assholishness, I guess. Also, I listened very carefully to Jack’s stance on animal politics when I was a few months into the dietary change. It helped me stick to the plan, as it were, and I learned some important things in the process. To be honest, I should have made the change when I was much younger. But I was scared that friends and family would react the way you just did. Maybe try not to hate vegetarians and vegans so much. I speak for myself, but I don’t hate you because you make different choices than I do.

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