19 Grievances That Only People Who Work In Retail Will Understand

Trust me, it’s just as bad as it sounds.

1. Wanting to snap on the girl who just messed up the shirts table.

Sure, go ahead and just ruin two hours of meticulous folding for ONE damn graphic tee.

ID: 2207010

2. Customers returning something they clearly wore.

I’m just gonna disregard the fact that this bra smells like cigarettes and Febreze.

ID: 2207016

3. Hearing the same songs play in the same order for months on end.

There’s only so much I can take of music that sounds like it was taken from Spotify’s Top 100 Indie Songs from the 90s list.

ID: 2207031

4. Finding yourself humming these songs in your everyday life and hating yourself for it.

Let’s be real: we end up searching for and listening to these songs on Spotify.

ID: 2207040

5. Having a complete stranger tell you their life story.

I’m gonna nod and smile to give off the impression that I actually care.

ID: 2207061

6. Recounting the money in the register because you miscounted the first time.

Eff you, pennies.

ID: 2207086

7. Waking up early for a shift.

I’m just not a human being before 8 AM, or at any time with ‘AM’ attached to it.

ID: 2207159

8. Coming home after your shift.


ID: 2207203

9. Having absolutely nothing to do when there are no customers.

So, like, can I go home now?

ID: 2207211

10. When the majority of customers you get just want to know where the bathroom is.

You have eyes. Use ‘em.

ID: 2207281

11. Attending storewide morning meetings.

Time to put the kiss-asses on a pedestal.

ID: 2207294

12. Smiling at customers even when you don’t feel like it.

Fake smiles all day, errday.

ID: 2207301

13. Being reminded regularly that “the customer is always right.”

Nah, FDB.

ID: 2207385

14. Checking the fitting rooms and finding clothes thrown around everywhere.

WTF, man?!

ID: 2207414

15. Looking at the clock and realizing you have five hours left of your shift.

Probably the worst thing ever in the history of retail.

ID: 2207440

16. Looking at your paycheck.

Hold up, is this really my life right now?

ID: 2212668

17. When the store’s closing in 5 minutes and a customer walks in.

What, you think I wouldn’t notice you sneaking in here while I’m closing the register?

ID: 2212706

18. When a customer calls for an item and asks too many questions about it.

Yo, I didn’t invent the thing, I just sell it.

ID: 2212762

19. Having so much free time to play Candy Crush, yet you still can’t beat Level 70.

It really shouldn’t take 3 weeks to clear all that jelly.

ID: 2217567

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